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  • How Do Bifocals Work?

    Bifocals are a type of glasses lens used for people with presbyopia, which is a common condition where the eyes cannot change focus between near and distant objects. Many people over the age of 40 notice this change, especially when trying to read a book or newspaper. Continue reading for a better look at how bifocal glasses near Orlando work.

    Bifocals glasses

    Bifocal glasses use 2 types of lenses connected together in 1 lens. Typically, the top half of the lens is used to see objects from far away, especially when driving or walking. The bottom half is a smaller portion of the lens that is used to see objects nearby, such as a book or newspaper. With these side-by-side lenses, patients can easily shift between the 2 prescriptions to comfortably continue their daily life. For patients with greater vision concerns, a doctor may suggest investing in trifocal prescription glasses. This lens uses distance, near, and intermediate vision correction.