• Getting the Right Eyeglass Lenses

    There are several types of eyeglass lenses available to consumers, and there are different features that can be added to each lens. For example, there are various plastics used in eyeglasses, but there is also crown glass, polycarbonate, and Trivex. These materials can be enhanced with anti-scratching and anti-reflective treatments. Let’s see how to find the right eyeglass lens near Orlando .

    Glasses Frame Measurements

    Trivex is an eyeglass lens material that is incredibly light. Coupled with light eyeglass frames, consumers may prefer this lens if they find traditional eyeglasses uncomfortable. Other materials, such as crown glass and different plastics are commonly used and can be enhanced with certain treatments. Anti-glare, UV-blocking, and anti-scratch are common treatments applied to eyeglass lenses because these help the wearer function throughout the day and night. To find the appropriate lens for each wearer, it is best to speak with an eye doctor about different vision concerns and the available lenses to address those issues.

  • What to Expect from an Eye Exam

    Eye exams contain many of the same steps used during a medical or dental exam. During your eye exam, your optometrist—also known as an eye doctor near Orlando—will ask about your health history, perform some tests, and provide you with a prescription for your new lenses. It is a simple exam that can be done during a lunch break, so it is important to maintain regular visits to your eye doctor. Continue reading to learn what happens during an eye exam.

    Comprehensive Eye Exams

    Standard Questions

    As with any doctor’s examination, the first step usually involves answering different questions about your health history. You will also use this time to notify your eye doctor of any concerns or symptoms you have had, such as blurry vision and headaches.

    Eye Health Tests

    There are different tests your eye doctor will conduct to determine the health of your eyes. One of the most memorable tests is a glaucoma test. This involves a brief puff of air directed at your eyes, and it gives the doctor a better view of your optic nerve. Your eye doctor may also recommend a dilation procedure to better see the inside of your eyes.

    Vision Tests

    Vision tests usually involve the well-known eye chart, which helps your doctor to determine the level of your current eyesight and the prescription level you need to correct it. With the eye chart, your doctor will use different tests to find the correct prescription you need in your contact lenses and eyeglasses.

    Post-Exam Discussions

    Following your examination, your doctor will talk to you about any changes in your eyesight or concerns he might have about your eye health. If you have any remaining questions or concerns, this is the time to bring them up.

    Lens Choices

    Once you have your prescription in hand, you can find the right lenses. Even if you prefer contact lenses, it is best to have prescription glasses on hand, so look for a nice pair to use when not wearing your contacts. Consult with your doctor about the correct contact lenses brand to use before purchasing.

  • The Latest Trends in Eyeglasses

    Eyeglasses, and the many design elements that come with them, have been growing in popularity over the last several years. Though glasses near Orlando are meant for function, they can also be used in fashion. Different trends—cat eyes, retro prints, and thick rims—are just a few ways that wearers can show off their fashion sense and personal style, but still use their eyeglasses for what they were intended. Here is a brief look at the latest trends in eyeglasses:

    Thick Rims

    Thick-rimmed eyeglasses have been coming back into style for the last few years, and it is a popular trend with no end in sight. This is a retro style—once called “coke bottle glasses”—that has been updated with thinner glass materials and more stylish frames. Eyeglass wearers can feel comfortable wearing these thick-rimmed frames at work, at home, or out on the town with friends.

    Latest Trends in Eyeglasses

    Cat Eyes

    Cat eyes refer to eyeglass frames that come to a point at the end of the frames. This point can be mild, sometimes referred to as a wing-tip, or extreme. Both styles are popular, especially for women looking for a stylish frame to match their eye makeup. Cat eye frames can be paired with thick rims, oversized lenses, and thinner frames.


    Oversized lenses and frames have been growing in popularity for the last few years. This trend was first made popular with large sunglass frames, often worn by movie stars to conceal their identity. Soon, the large frames were made popular as traditional eyewear. While these glasses allow greater vision and functionality, they also make a bold fashion statement for those wishing to be noticed.

    Retro Prints

    There are several retro prints and colors that have come back into style. The most common prints are sometimes described as tortoise, tortoiseshell, leopard, and woodgrain. Many of these retro prints can be as mild or elaborate as the wearer chooses. They can also be enhanced with rhinestones and used in conjunction with any of the previous frame styles.