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What You Should Know About Dry Eye

When you visit an eye doctor near Orlando about your dry eye symptoms, he will probably perform an eye test to get a better look at your eye. If you are diagnosed with dry eye syndrome, then your eye doctor will inform you of several things.

Facts About Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common problem that can develop for any of several reasons which typically result in either decreased tear quality or decreased tear quantity. In both cases, you can be left with eyes that feel dry and gritty, and you may have difficulty wearing contact lenses and working on prolonged tasks that require focused vision, like driving, reading, or computer work.

The best treatment for dry eye syndrome depends on each patient’s individual case. In some circumstances, medicated eye drops can be sufficient for providing a person with reduced symptoms, while oral medications or procedures that prevent tears from draining from the eye may be beneficial in more severe cases.

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