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What to Expect from an Eye Exam

Eye exams contain many of the same steps used during a medical or dental exam. During your eye exam, your optometrist—also known as an eye doctor near Orlando—will ask about your health history, perform some tests, and provide you with a prescription for your new lenses. It is a simple exam that can be done during a lunch break, so it is important to maintain regular visits to your eye doctor. Continue reading to learn what happens during an eye exam.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Standard Questions

As with any doctor’s examination, the first step usually involves answering different questions about your health history. You will also use this time to notify your eye doctor of any concerns or symptoms you have had, such as blurry vision and headaches.

Eye Health Tests

There are different tests your eye doctor will conduct to determine the health of your eyes. One of the most memorable tests is a glaucoma test. This involves a brief puff of air directed at your eyes, and it gives the doctor a better view of your optic nerve. Your eye doctor may also recommend a dilation procedure to better see the inside of your eyes.

Vision Tests

Vision tests usually involve the well-known eye chart, which helps your doctor to determine the level of your current eyesight and the prescription level you need to correct it. With the eye chart, your doctor will use different tests to find the correct prescription you need in your contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Post-Exam Discussions

Following your examination, your doctor will talk to you about any changes in your eyesight or concerns he might have about your eye health. If you have any remaining questions or concerns, this is the time to bring them up.

Lens Choices

Once you have your prescription in hand, you can find the right lenses. Even if you prefer contact lenses, it is best to have prescription glasses on hand, so look for a nice pair to use when not wearing your contacts. Consult with your doctor about the correct contact lenses brand to use before purchasing.

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