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  • Selecting Flattering Frames

    Eyeglasses are a functional accessory, helping you see clearly whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic. Glasses can also be a fashion statement, so think about what statement you want to make when you are choosing eyewear in Orlando . Some frame shapes look better on certain faces than others, and the same holds true for frame colors. For example, if you have a very pale complexion, you may want to stay away from black frames that can be unflattering to your skin tone. Keep reading to learn more about selecting flattering eyeglasses frames for your face.

    Choosing Eyeglass Frames


    As a general rule of thumb, frames look best when they contrast with the shape of your face. Someone with a square face shape may opt for narrower frames or ovals that provide a contrast to the angles of the face. For people with round faces, angular or rectangular frames serve to contrast and make the face appear longer and thinner. People with oval faces tend to have the most flexibility when it comes to the shape of eyeglasses they can wear, as their proportions are more naturally balanced. Maintaining that balance is key if you have an oval face and you’re looking for new eyeglasses frames.


    To figure out what color frames will look best on you, you should first determine whether you have cool or warm coloring. If you have a cool complexion, your undertones tend to be blue and pink. Warm complexions have a more yellow hue to them, and tend to pair well with colors such as gold, copper, orange, and lighter tortoise. For cool complexions, eyeglass wearers may want to look for black, silver, and darker tortoise. Your skin tone plays the biggest role in determining what your coloring is, but you should also keep your eye color and hair color in mind.


    The size of frames you choose should be in proportion to your face. Glasses that are too wide will appear much too large, while frames that are longer or deeper can cover too much of your face.