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Common Eye Problems explained by VisionMax

Routine Eye Exams in Orlando

Anyone lucky enough to have and maintain good vision for any length of time gets used to it. It’s understandable, but it can also cause you to miss a problem when it is developing. The same is true if you’ve already had issues with your eyesight, which you have had treated.

Regular eye exams help ensure you have a competent professional checking for the hidden signs of disease and eye strain you might otherwise miss. That can help slow the rate of deterioration of your sight, as well as ensure longer-lasting vision health.

Some of the more common eye problems include:

  • Unrecognized eye strain from natural vision deterioration
  • UV damage to the eyes from sunlight, interior lighting, and device screens
  • Macular degeneration
  • Eye disease from overuse of a single pair of contacts
  • Glaucoma
  • Damage from X-ray sources
  • Cataracts

Most of these problems are most easily addressed early on, but doing so requires consistent eye exams. Our affordable glasses can help reduce eye strain and protect your eyes from UV damage. The good news is we’re happy to help.

Taking care of your eyes

If you think you might be experiencing eyesight issues, then it becomes all the more important to take good care of your eyes while waiting for your appointment. The steps you can take will depend on your individual circumstances, but we have a few tips.

Those who wear contacts should remember to take them out and wash them regularly. Additionally, contacts do have a set number of times they can be used and remain healthy for the eyes. Ensuring your contacts are clean and still viable will help avoid causing complications.

Remember to protect your eyes when going out into the sun or sitting close to a screen. Taking the right precautions will help reduce the potential for damage and keep your eyes healthier overall. We also recommend remembering to rest your eyes after staring at any screen for an extended period of time.

Long-term issues need to be treated

During a routine eye exam, the optometrist may encounter evidence of long-term issues, like glaucoma. Eye exams revealing longer-term issues will lead to a discussion of your options with the optometrist to help you decide on a course of action.

Some issues may not be an immediate threat, but need to be addressed once you reach middle age or later. Take your time and consult your optometrist about your options and the potential drawbacks of each one. Making the best choice for your sight can take a little time.

It is further worth noting that eyesight changes drastically over time, and at some point, the optometrist may find you need specialized glasses like bifocals. Regardless of your needs, our affordable eyewear will help you maintain and protect your vision.

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